UNSW PhD Mathematics Graduate Deploys Wave Energy Generator


Friday, 10th June 2005

June 5, 2005 will be remembered as a significant date in the history of energy generation in Australia. This was the day that the Energetech company, founded by UNSW PhD graduate, Dr. Tom Denniss, deployed their revolutionary wave energy generator off the coast of Port Kembla. This new technology, that harnesses energy from the ocean, has the potential to produce a virtually limitless supply of pollution-free electricity.

The plant situated 200 metres from the Port Kembla Harbour has a size of 35 metres by 36 metres and is expected to produce at least 500 MWh of energy per annum (enough to supply about 500 homes). All of this energy is totally clean.

Dr Dennis completed his PhD in Mathematics at UNSW in 1995 with his thesis "Studies in Ocean Dynamics" supervised by Professor Jason Middelton.