Oceanography symposium held in School


Tuesday, 18th June 2013

Sci Prof Trevor McDougall
A symposium was held on Tuesday morning to showcase the oceanography currently being carried out in the School. The event was a great success, attracting 16 speakers and an audience twice the size.

The talks presented the depth and breadth of work being undertaken in diverse areas of oceanography (the physics of the ocean) within the School of Mathematics and Statistics. Talks ranged from theoretical to very applied, and demonstrated a vast array of techniques encompassing numerical modelling, analytical modelling, idealised and highly realistic views of the ocean. 

Dr Shane KeatingIn addition, attendees were introduced to the work being done in observing the ocean through UNSW's involvement in Australia's Integrated Marine Observing System. Research ranged from understanding nutrient pathways in the ocean, mixing in the ocean through turbulence, improving our representation of inherent properties of the ocean, breaking waves in the deep ocean, coastal dynamics, and even understanding the circulation and nutrient enrichment around an artificial reef off Sydney.

More than 15 oceanographers have joined the UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics in the past 12 months as lecturers, postdocs, students and research assistants (technical staff), and the day was designed to introduce the range of research being Dr Moninya Roughandone in the School.

Speakers at the symposium included: Trevor McDougall, Stefan Riha, Yuehua Li, Shane Keating, Moninya Roughan, Paulina Cetina Heredia, Sotiris Kioroglou, Julie Wood, Nina Ribbat, Stuart Milburn, Mark Holzer, Marina Frants, Benoit Pasquier, Ian Ting, Mike Banner, and Russel Morison. 

View an album of photos from the event on the School Facebook page.