Additional Assessment Exams U1 semester 2016-2017



Location: Red Centre M020


Time:  10am


What to bring: UNSW Student ID card, pens, UNSW approved calculator


This exam will be conducting using Maple TA which will present the questions to you.  You will work out your answers using a pen and paper and enter your answers into Maple TA.  You will not have access to any other software on the computer.  The style of questions in the exam are similar to the main exam, however, your working will not be marked, only the answers you enter into Maple TA will be marked.   


For students who take this exam because your final mark is in the range from 45-49 failing this course, please note: . 


Please do not contact any member of staff to advise your attendance, you only need to attend on the day and time noted above.


There will be no opportunity another concessional additional assessment. 


No further exam times will be arranged if you do not attend this exam.