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21st January 2016

PwC Sydney is looking for two recent Graduates to start with us in MARCH this year. 


2nd December 2015


The UNSW Mathematics Bridging Course aims to provide a bridge to close the gap between the HSC Mathematics course ("2 unit", not general maths) and what is required for university degrees assuming student knowledge is equivalent to HSC Mathematics Extension 1 (or "3 unit"). 




Your performance in the Mathematics Bridging Course exam may mean you are properly prepared for entry directly into the maths course MATH1131 Mathematics 1A which is a compulsory course in all engineering, mathematics and many science-based degrees at UNSW. 




To enter MATH1131 it is assumed that you have knowledge and understanding equivalent to:




1.            a result of 90 in HSC Mathematics ("2 unit" - not pre-2001 HSC Course Mathematics in Society or HSC General Mathematics), or


2.            a combined mark of over 100* in HSC Mathematics ("2 unit") and HSC Mathematics Extension 1 ("3 unit"), or


3.            a satisfactory grade in the UNSW Mathematics Bridging Course.




* a combined mark of over 115 is preferable.




For information on the bridging course, please visit the following website.   Also note that registration is open from 9am on Thursday 17 December 2015 until 4pm Friday 22 January 2016.   Classes start on Monday 25 January.    The course is 40 hours of tuition and the fee is $380.  Attendance is required for classes and are over a four week period. 






2nd December 2015

Information is now available on the 2016 Mathematics Bridging Course


30th November 2015

Additional Assessment Exams


2nd November 2015

The first year pre-exam consultation roster is now available; no appointment is necessary. 


7th October 2015

MATH1231 for Summer Semester


14th September 2015

SEADU students in the School of Maths and Statistics


22nd July 2015

The Honours and Postgraduate Coursework course offerings for 2019 can be found here.


8th July 2015

The timetable for the Additional Assessment/Special Consideration Exam for end of Semeter 1 2015 is now available.


8th July 2015

Would increasing your knowledge of maths help you to get the most out of your uni course? Do you want to excel at university but don’t have the necessary HSC maths background?