ATTENTION all 1st Year Advanced Maths students in Program 3956

New Co-op Scholarship availability for students in 1st year of the Advanced Maths Program 3956.

Please see the attached flyer regarding this Scholarship and application details. Please note the short closing date of Friday 6th May 2016.

Co-op Scholarship - What is it?

A career development scholarship worth $18,200pa (tax-free). Being awarded a UNSW Co-op Program scholarship is an outstanding addition to your resume and an excellent opportunity for you to gain professional development and experience prior to graduation. The successful applicants will receive:

  • 2x10 and 2x 24week IT placements full-time 'real-world' industry experience, which is recognised on your UNSW AHEGs;
  • fortnightly payments from start date (during which time the Scholar must be enrolled as a full time student in B.Advanced Mathematics (Hons) - 3956);
  • leadership and professional development program; plus more!


See for more details about the Co-op Program.