Special Considerations for Final Exams ,T2 2019

 Students will be sent individual emails to invite them to either a Supplementary Exam ie.,for approved special consideration applications for the final exams.   

If you believe you are eligible but have not received an email, please email exams@unsw.edu.au and provide your student ID number and the course you have been approved for. Only email them if you have received official approval from your Special Consideration application.

It is your responsibility that you are checking your UNSW Student email account. 

Please refer to the School Assessment Policy for details relating to Additional Assessments & Supplementary Exams: https://www.maths.unsw.edu.au/currentstudents/additional-assessment

NB:  The Additional Assessment rule (45-49 final mark rule) will no longer be offered. Students who receive a  Supplementary Exam are the ones that have been successfully approved by a Special Consideration application only. 

 It is your responsibility to ensure you are available during the Supplementary Exam period. You can find these dates here.