Honours and Masters Courses 2022

Honours students need to get their courses approved by their respective Honours Co-ordinator and Masters students can enrol on MyUNSW.

The Honours and Postgraduate Coursework course offerings for 2022 can be found here.

The Honours year can be taken full-time or part-time in one of the following streams: 

Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, StatisticsQuantitative Data Science or Physical Oceanography.  

If you are an Advanced Mathematics or Advanced Science student, then the Honours year is built into your degree. All other students will have to enrol in a new stand-alone Honours year (program 4500).  Please note your application is online and you will need to also complete the "Intention to take Honours" survey are both found (if you are not in an embedded Honours program) by visiting this link

Entry Requirements

To enter Honours in Mathematics or Statistics, students must have either:

  • Completed a Mathematics or Statistics major in the Science and/or Advanced Science program, including at least 30 units of credit in Level III Mathematics; or
  • Completed Stage 3 of one of the plans in the Advanced Mathematics, or the Physical Oceanography plan in the Advanced Science program; or
  • Completed a suitable Mathematics or Statistics degree at another university.

 To enter Honours in Quantitative Data Science you must have either:

  • Completed the Bachelor of Data Science and Decision program (any stream) but including at least 18 units of credit in Level III MATH or DATA courses; or
  • Completed a suitable quantitatively based data science bachelor's degree at UNSW or any other university.

In addition, students will normally be required to have:

  • An average above 70% in their Level III Mathematics courses
  • An average above 70% in core Level III Mathematics courses for the specialisation in which they will undertake Honours.

For Applied Mathematics, these core courses will be determined in consultation with the Applied Honours Coordinator.

For Pure Mathematics, these courses are MATH3611, MATH3701, and MATH3711.

For Statistics, these core courses are those in the Statistics major.

For Quantitative Data Science, students must have completed the Bachelor in Data Science and Decision program including at least 18UOC in level III MATH or DATA course or completed a bachelor degree which includes at least three level III, or higher level, courses in mathematics or statistics, and at least two level III, or higher level, courses in computer science and/or business that are listed as electives in program 3959.  

 With the permission of the Honours Coordinator a student may be allowed into Honours without having satisfied the specific departmental requirements, and instead have shown some evidence of the ability to undertake independent study. Students must also have permission of the appropriate Honours Coordinator. 

For further information, please visit the link here for Admission to the Honours Year 

For comprehensive information about Honours, please visit the link for Honours in Mathematics and Statistics