Exams for Special Considerations & Additional Assessment S2, 2018

The School Policy on Special Considerations is outlined at the following web address (below), these also appear in course outlines and course packs, please read these carefully.


If you have submitted a request through MyUNSW and it is for an assessment of less than 20% we shall not be responding to the request. In general, you should provide any supporting documentation such as a Medical Certificate to your tutor for the class test you have missed.

We do not update the status of your application on MyUNSW. Students who miss the final exam will be e-mailed an outcome once results have been finalised. If your marks show a grade of WC it means you have been granted an Additional Assessment.

The additional assessment exams will be as follows

Semester 2, 2108

  • For applications for Special consideration - PLEASE NOTE IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE YOU HAVE PROVIDED STUDENT CENTRAL WITH SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION SO THEY CAN BE VERIFIED.  We will only consider students applications that have been ticked off as "Verified.

  • Please refer to the attached document providing information on the upcoming Supplementary exams for approved special consideration applications and Additional Assessments scheduled for students who received a fail mark between 45-49 in their MATH course in semester 2, 2018.
  • Exam timetable is provided here. 

If you are unable to make it on the specified days there is no other opportunity to sit the exam.

All Maths students who receive a grade of 45-49 can automatically attend the additional assessment exam. This concession is due to the University no longer offering Pass Conceeded (PC).