Mathematical Physics

The Mathematical Physics group performs research into problems related to physics, including operator algebras, path integrals and quantization.

Group Members

Research Interests

Jonathan Kress works on classical and quantum superintegrable systems. These are natural Hamiltonian systems having the maximum number of independent symmetries and as a result possess many useful and interesting properties. The most celebrated examples are the harmonic oscillator and Kepler-Coulomb system, but recently many more examples have been found.

Galina Levitina is interested in scattering theory of mathematical physics. Her particular interest is in the area of spectral analysis of first-order differential operator, specifically Dirac operators, and spectral shift function associated with them.

John Steele's interests are in the area of General Relativity, particularly in exact solutions of the Einstein Field Equations, their symmetries and interpretation. He is also interested in geometric aspects of mathematical physics and the history of mathematical physics.