Half a mathematical lifetime with Gavin


Prof. Bill Moran


University of Melbourne


Fri, 18/02/2011 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm


Room 175 Carslaw Building, University of Sydney


University teachers tend to treat their students as their "academic children".
Gavin was my academic older brother.

This is a unique and very sad occasion for me and I feel privileged to be asked to
give this talk at this time. I intend to summarise, insofar as is possible in a
single lecture, the mathematical work of Gavin Brown, whose untimely death at
Christmas left us all feeling a profound sense of loss and, in my case, of missed
opportunities. Over the month or so since his death, many memories of the wonderful
and intense times we spent together have returned. For about twenty years of his
and my careers, we worked closely together, publishing around 40 papers on various
topics in harmonic analysis. In many ways, this period was core to the later
research of both of us. Inevitably then this talk will, to a significant extent, be
a presentation of that joint work. Later in the talk I will discuss Gavin's work,
alone and with others, after our collaboration had run its course.

The key topics I will discuss are Measure Algebras, Bernoulli Measures, Riesz
products, Normality and the Schmidt conjecture, G-measures, Sum-Set Inequalities,
and Trigonometric Inequalities, since these define most of Gavin's areas of
interest over his mathematical career, though I will touch on some other topics
where I think that Gavin made a rather unique contribution.

It would be inappropriate on this special occasion to spend much time discussing
the technical details of his work. Rather I will use the mathematics as a backdrop
for reminiscing about the man and what it was like to work with him.

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