Hankel determinants and irrationality questions


Wadim Zudilin


University of Newcastle


Wed, 18/11/2015 - 1:30pm


K-J17-101 (Ainsworth Building 101) UNSW


It is a classical fact that the irrationality of a real number $x$ follows from the existence of a sequence $p_n/q_n$, with integral $p_n$ and $q_n$, such that $q_nx-p_n$ is nonzero for all $n$ and tends to $0$ as $n$ tends to infinity. In my talk I will discuss an extension of this criterion in the case when the sequence possesses an additional structure; in particular, the requirement $q_nx-p_n\to 0$ is weakened. Some applications will be given including a new proof of the irrationality of $\pi$.

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