Approximating Consensus with Graph Limits


Barton Lee


UNSW Business School and School of Computer Science


Thu, 27/04/2017 - 3:00pm


RC-4082, The Red Centre, UNSW


The consensus problem in multi-agent systems has long been the subject of intense research within the fields of computer science and mathematics. This problem can naturally be expressed as a dynamical system such that the interaction between agents is defined by a network. 

This talk will provide sufficient conditions for when graph limits can be used as a continuum-approximation for the consensus problem on large networks. I will also highlight other aspects of graph limit theory which have implications for the consensus problem.

Image of Barton LeeBarton Lee is a PhD student at the School of Economics and Computer Science at UNSW.

Previously he completed his undergraduate studies within the School of Mathematics and Statistics at UNSW.

His research focuses are computational social choice and mechanism design with applications in political science. 

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