Design of Stand-alone Mathematics Outreach Workshops


Yudhistira A Bunjamin


UNSW Sydney


Wed, 18/09/2019 - 4:00pm


RC-4082, The Red Centre, UNSW


In July 2019, the Science Faculty of UNSW undertook a regional outreach road trip to schools in the NSW Central West. The School of Mathematics and Statistics was represented by Michael Denes and Yudhi Bunjamin. This is only the second time the School has been represented on Faculty Road trips. 

This talk will report on work undertaken in our School in the last 10 months on the design and development of stand-alone Mathematics outreach workshops. These developing workshops have now been conducted on various occasions including this road trip and AMSI’s CHOOSEMATHS Day. In particular, this talk will highlight the contributions made by various members of the School in this space. 

The design of the workshops was motivated by the idea of promoting equity through Mathematical thinking, so this talk will discuss some considerations which were made as a result of this, including Mathematical level, cultural sensitivity, and accessibility. It will also discuss the process of turning concepts in Mathematics which illustrate important aspects of Mathematical thinking into meaningful learning experiences for school students.

About the speaker:

Yudhi completed his Honours in Statistics at UNSW in 2017. He went on to work as a STEM Learning Designer while maintaining his engagement with the School of Mathematics and Statistics UNSW Sydney as a Casual Academic, performing various roles in teaching & learning and outreach.

Wine and cheese will be provided after the talk.


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