Seminar Archive - 2014

Our regular seminar program covers a broad range of topics from applied mathematics, pure mathematics and statistics. All staff and students are welcome. A complete list of past seminars can be accessed via the left-hand menu.

Jeff Geronimo - Georgia Institute of Technology
The Fejer-Reisz lemma which was proved in 1915 states that every positive trignometric polynomial can be written as a magnitude squared of a polynomial of the same degree. I will review this lemma...

Daniel Chan - UNSW
In this talk, we look at the Auslander correspondence which relates the theory of algebras of finite representation type to certain algebras of global dimension two dubbed Auslander algebras. The...

Daniel Chan - UNSW
In this talk, we introduce Iyama's cluster tilting subcategories. These categories are related to the homological algebra of higher dimensional Auslander algebras. 

Yuehua Li - UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics
Double diffusive convection is driven by two different density gradients that have different rates of diffusion. Alinear stability analysis indicated that it is possible that a steady state is...

Amandine Schaeffer - UNSW School of Mathematics and Statistics & Sydney Institute for Marine Science
Along southeastern Australia, the East Australian Current (EAC) strongly influences the circulation and watermass characteristics of the adjacent continental shelf. Dense water uplift resulting from...

Daniel Chan - UNSW
We will look at Grothendieck's theory of local duality and the related homological study of commutative local rings.

Zahir Hussain - Manchester Metropolitan University
This talk will provide a mathematical description of the onset of counter-rotating spiral vortices observed for boundary-layer flow over a family of slender rotating cones in quiescent fluid....