Remote student desktop with x2go

Sigma, sigma2 and sigma3

Students in the School of Mathematics and Statistics can connection to a remotely accessible 3 Linux PCs called, and from their own computer using software called x2go.  Note that it is no longer possible to use the NoMachine client to connect to sigma and sigma2.

This service should be available 24 hours per day. However, this is NOT guaranteed and no support will be provided outside of normal hours (ie 9-5 Monday to Friday). If the service fails outside of normal hours, it will probably not be fixed until the next working day.

Please report problems with this service to the Maths and Stats helpdesk window in RC-M020.

Installing x2go

X2go is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.  A couple of points to note before using x2go:

  • For Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later, you must install XQuartz first.
  • For Windows, if you don't use full screen mode, you will need to resize the x2go desktop after logging in.  If you don't do this, you might not see the task bar at the bottom of the remote screen.
  • Printing to a printer doesn't work but you can "print to file" if needed.

For Windows and Mac, download and run the installer for your operating system:

For more detailed instructions, including instructions for Linux, see

Configuring x2go

Configuration for x2go is the same for all operating systems.  The first time it is run, the configuration window should automatically open.  Enter the details shown in the image below.  The instructions below show how to configure x2go to connect to sigma3.  For sigma and sigma2, simply replace "sigma3" where ever it occurs with "sigma" or "sigma2".

x2go settings

 You can set the size of the window you prefer using the "Input/Output" tab shown below.  Note you can also simpy resize the window after logging in, so this step is optional.

Window dimensions

 The computer you connect to will have your Hdrive available.  If you also wish to share a folder from your own computer use the settings in the "Shared Folder" tab.  This step is optional.  If you share a folder from your computer with sigma3, you will find it in the media/disk folder in your home folder on sigma3.

Shared folders

Once you have entered the settings you want, click "OK".  You can now use this profile to login to sigma3.


Click on the sigma3 details in the top right corner of the x2go window and then enter your zPass can click "OK" to login.

x2go login

After logging in, you should see the desktop of sigma3 as shown below.  To log out again, click on the K-menu and select "Leave" and then "Log out" or click the small log out button in the bottom right corner of the window.  If you are using Windows, you will need to resize the x2go window in order to see the whole of the sigma3 desktop.

sigma3 desktop