Course Titles

The School runs a broad spectrum of courses in Pure and Applied Mathematics and Statistics for Honours and Masters Coursework students. These courses attempt to bring you near the frontier of each area.

Below is a list of Honours/Masters courses and lecturers for 2018.

Important information for Honours students can be found below.


Semester 1 2018

MATH5165 Optimization V Jeyajumar
MATH5295 Special Topic (Applied) - Finite Elements and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods

J Dick & W McLean

MATH5305 Computational Maths W McLean
MATH5505 Combinatorics T Britz
MATH5605 Functional Analysis

F Sukochev &

G Levitina

MATH5705 Modern Analysis  P Grossman
MATH5706 Modern Algebra D Harvey
MATH5735 Modules and Representation Theory J Du
MATH5835 Stochastic Processes (T1B) P Del Moral
MATH5845 Time Series W Dunsmuir
MATH5846 Intro to Probability & Stochastic Processes (T1A) (not available to Honours students and students in the Masters Program) D Warton
MATH5856 Intro to Statistics and Statistical Computing (T1B) (not available to Honours students and students in the Masters Program) Y Fan
MATH5895 Non Parametric Statistics G Geenens
MATH5916 Survival Analysis J Olivier
MATH5965 Discrete Time Financial Modelling L Chan
MATH5975 Introduction to Stochastic Analysis DM Salopek

















Semester 2 2018

MATH5175 Special Topics in (Applied Maths) Title to be confirmed T McDougall, S Keating, G Froyland
MATH5215 Special Topics in (Applied Maths) Applied Functional Analysis with Applications in Numerical Methds for PDE's T Tran
MATH5285 Fluids, Ocean and Climate S Keating
MATH5335 Computational Methods for Finance J Dick
MATH5535 Lie Groups J Kress
MATH5715 Harmonic Analysis D Potapov
MATH5725 Galois Theory A Ostafe
MATH5665 Algebraic Toplogy D Chan
MATH5805 Special Topics in Statistics TBA
MATH5816 Continuous Time Financial Modelling L Chan
MATH5825 Measure, Integration and Probability J Deng
MATH5836 Data Mining and its Business Applications Z Botev
MATH5905 Statistical Inference - Not available to students who have taken MATH3811/3911 S Penev

 Bayesian Inference and Computation

Z Botev
MATH6781 Biomathematics J Murray                


Important Information for Honours Students

We remind students that they are not restricted to the courses from their own department or stream. As well as courses from the other two departments, you may be able to take one, or in exceptional circumstances two, external courses such as courses at the AMSI Summer School, or suitable courses from elsewhere in the University. Please consult with your Honours Coordinator before you finalise your list of courses.