Graduate Certificate in Mathematics and Statistics 7659

Overview and Entry Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Mathematics and Statistics is intended for graduates with a degree in an area with a significant quantitative component (such as Science, Engineering, Finance), wishing to develop their knowledge and skills in Mathematical and Statistical Science.

Students may choose not to graduate from the Graduate Certificate in Mathematics and Statistics, and instead apply to upgrade to either the Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and Statistics, Master of Mathematics or Master of Statistics, provided their average grade is at least 65%.

To enter this program students must have:

  • Completed a Mathematics or Statistics degree in a Science and/or Mathematics program, or a degree in a related area;
  • A sufficient mathematical/statistical background, and an average above 65% in relevant third year mathematics/statistics university courses or higher.

We welcome enquiries from candidates who have a strong quantitative background through education or work experience in any discipline.

Entry to the program is available in both semesters but please note that students who are required to undertake MATH5846 and MATH5856 these are only available in Semester 1, and should ideally be taken first for students wishing to progress to the Master of Statistics and further statistical background is required.

For the Master of Mathematics the followng courses are available MATH5705 Higher Analysis and MATH5706 Higher Algebra offered in Semester 1 each year and MATH5700 offered in Semester 2  .

Course Requirements

The program consists of four courses, each of 6 Units of Credit. The total number of Units of Credit required for graduation is 24.

Recommended Courses for Statistics (offered Semester 1 only)

  • MATH5846 Introduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes, Weeks 2-7 of semester T1A
  • MATH5856 Introduction to Statistics and Statistical Computations, Weeks 8-13 of semester T1B

These two courses are only available for students in the Graduate Certificate.

Recommended Courses for Mathematics

  • MATH5705 Higher Analysis (Semester 1 only)
  • MATH5706 Higher Algebra (Semester 1 only)
  • MATH5700 Higher Topology and Differential Geometry (Semester 2 only)

Other courses can be selected from courses offered within the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

For the convenience of part-time and full-time students in the area of Statistics only, classes are typically taught between 5:00pm and 8:00pm on weekdays during semester. The elective courses can be chosen from the list of courses that are offered by the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Further Assistance


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