Postgraduate Coursework Programs and Courses

The School of Mathematics and Statistics runs several postgraduate level coursework degree programs. Look at the individual programs below for further information.

The Graduate Diploma in Mathematics and Statistics and the Master of Statistics form an articulated sequence. The entry point to the sequence will depend on the student's qualifications, and an upgrade from the Graduate Diploma to the Master of Mathematics will depend on the student's performance in the relevant courses.

Prospective students should also note that all of these programs have English language requirements and students must have completed sufficient third year university level mathematics courses.

For further information on courses, please see Course Titles.


For formal definitions of terms such as "program" or "course" used in the University see the UNSW A to Z Guide.

Informally the meanings are as follows:

  • Program is used in short for a Degree Program, which is the combination of courses that you apply to take, are admitted into and finally graduate from. Programs are designated by a name and a 4 digit code, for example Masters of Statistics 8750.
  • Course is a course that you enrol in and for which you get a mark and grade. Courses are designated by a 4 letter prefix denoting the area of study and a 4 digit identifier, for example MATH5836 Data Mining.
  • Unit of Credit (UoC) is a measure of how much work is involved in the course. Notionally a total effort of 30 hours over the whole semester is expected for each Unit of Credit. Most Mathematics and Statistics courses are worth 6 UoC. The normal full load of study is 18 UoC on any given term, with a maximum of 48 UoC on any given year.