Visiting Teaching Fellows

About the School's Visiting Teaching Fellows program

Applications for the 2022 Visiting Teaching Fellow are now open and close on 27th October 2021.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics created the position of Visiting Teaching Fellow (VTF) in the late 1980s. The first Fellow was Dr. William Pender, who went on to become Head of Mathematics at Sydney Grammar School. The VTF position has had no shortage of interest, and we have welcomed teachers from both private and public schools. 

The aim of the VTF position is to provide a two-way opportunity for experienced school teachers to spend a year with us, undertaking tutoring in First Year Mathematics. Over the course of the year, they will tutor our first year courses covering Calculus, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics and Statistics. Some Fellows have also taken on have lectured our Mathematics for Life Sciences course in Term 3. In addition to taking these classes, the Fellow is available during their consultation hours to assist students, helps to select and mentor new casual tutors and participates in outreach such as Girls Do The Maths.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics benefits from having an experienced teacher among us to impart advice on teaching issues, and we also get the opportunity to understand the knowledge base that secondary students have in mathematics. Meanwhile, the high schools benefit from having a teacher who is knowledgeable about modern mathematical teaching practices at a major tertiary institution.

The VTF has the opportunity to consolidate and extend their knowledge of mathematics. For many of our Fellows, this has proved an invaluable asset in their professional development and we maintain contact with them after they have returned to their schools.

For general information about the program, see below or contact Associate Professor Jonathan Kress (

Our 2021 Teaching Fellow 

Ian Whiteway
Aurora College

Having met a few of the recent Teaching Fellows and read about the program, I realised that this was a rare opportunity. Not only could I refresh and extend my knowledge of a subject that I have enjoyed and taught for many years, but I could learn much from joining a distinguished and innovative school of mathematics and statistics.

My recent experience has been working with rural and remote secondary students online. In these COVID-affected times, I hope that this background might prove helpful to the education of tertiary students, some of whom remain scattered far afield.

So, part way through Term 1, I am already enjoying the challenge of developing and applying mathematical skills in a new context. For me, this is not just a subject that provides a language for other areas of scholarship, but one that helps us to appreciate the order and beauty in the Universe! - March 2021

Past Teaching Fellows

Amanda Michels
Amanda Michels (2020)

Redlands, Cremorne
"Maths has been a love of mine since a very smart secondary school teacher streamed me in that direction. I came to realise that Maths was not simply a subject for study, but in fact the foundation for life.

Mathematics underpins what we do and how we do it. It is a subject of both great mystery and profound revelation and is the foundation of humankind’s great progress. It is a privilege to teach it and the Fellowship at UNSW offers scope for a level of teaching not easily available elsewhere.

I am proud to offer a conduit to young people’s future through my efforts during the tenure of this Fellowship." - March 2020

Ben Bui
Benjamin Bui (2019) 
Cambridge Park High School
"The Visiting Teaching Fellow position appealed to me as an opportunity to go revisit the rigour of mathematics at a university level to be better equipped to teach the more advanced concepts of high school mathematics.

Having only taught at high school for a short amount of time, I found myself missing the challenges and creative avenues offered by the undergraduate courses offered at UNSW, from which my love of mathematics came from.

I know that to continue to improve in my craft, I needed to ground myself in the foundations of mathematics and statistics. Some of the things I’ll be looking forward to are being surrounded by people who love maths and writing on chalkboards." - April 2019


Laure Helme-Guizon (2018)
SCEGGS Darlinghurst
"I see being a Teaching Fellow as a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with University level maths. For me, it has been like getting back in touch with an old friend and realising how much you had missed them and how fun their company was! The best part is to be immersed in mathematics all day, either learning or revisiting concepts (or, but that’s just me, learning the English terms), or working on problems, or teaching, or helping students during consultation times.

I also love being surrounded by people who are passionate about maths! Having studied and taught mathematics in the French system, comparing how notions are taught in different countries has helped me gain a deeper understanding: What is each approach trying to achieve? What are pros and cons of each approach? What difference does it make in terms of Mathematics? I also feel that this year is the best possible preparation to teach the new syllabus in high school or to teach the first years of Uni in the future." - April 2018

Margaret Clemson

Margaret Clemson (2017)

Kincoppal - Rose Bay School




Paul Hancock (2016)
Woonona High School
"There were two major driving forces behind my decision to apply for the Visiting Teaching Fellowship. The first came from a bit of personal history; it was a Visiting Teaching Fellow that in my first year at UNSW set the seed for me to ultimately become a teacher of mathematics. The second came from a realisation that the senior mathematics curriculum is set to change quite significantly in the next few years, with statistics being introduced throughout.

I realised this year would be a perfect time for me to revisit my university statistics, putting me in a prime position to help transition our local community of schools confidently into implementing the new curriculum. The chance to teach university level mathematics is both a daunting one and an exciting one; understanding is one thing, teaching others so that they too understand is another, something those of us who teach know well. I look forward to a challenging and rewarding experience." - March 2016

Geoff Carroll (2015)

Sydney Grammar School
"As a high school mathematics teacher, the Visiting Teaching Fellow program presents a fantastic opportunity to re-engage with my undergraduate level maths, collaborate with academics on teaching and learning strategies, and build enduring links with one of Australia's leading centres for mathematics research and teaching. My goal this year is to establish a clear narrative for learning mathematics so that my future students will be able to put their learning not only in the context of what they already know but where it is taking them. Knowing how students will learn maths when they leave school will inform my approach to teaching them in their senior years, in much the same way that the senior mathematics curriculum forms my teaching of students in their junior years.

The School of Mathematics and Statistics has actively encouraged my participation in many excellent initiatives to increase student engagement in mathematics and genuinely values the insight a school teacher can bring to the table. As a means of professional development, I've no doubt that this experience will prove invaluable to the learning outcomes of my future students". - February 2015

Thanom Shaw

Thanom Shaw (2014)
"I have a book at home, that I bought when I was in London a few years ago, called 'Bridging the Gap to University Mathematics'. You see, my days of studying Mathematics at university seem long ago and this book was the beginning of the road to remembering the big ideas and the fine details of this amazing subject I love teaching so much. So when I found out about this incredible opportunity at UNSW, I simply knew I had to apply, and I was so fortunate to be supported whole-heartedly by SCEGGS, where I have been teaching for 9 years.

Spending 2014 immersed in studying and teaching university level Mathematics at UNSW is a bit of a dream come true for me and a professional development opportunity not so easy to come by. At the moment I am thoroughly enjoying going back to chalk and blackboards, and working with pen and paper, puzzling over proofs and thinking deeply about all things Mathematics. The university is about to come alive for the Autumn Semester, and gap bridged or not, I can't wait for it to get started". - March 2014

Derek Stokes (2013)
Sydney Girls High School

"Whilst teaching at Sydney Girls High School in 2012 I was alerted to the position of Teaching Fellow at UNSW, and after some contemplation I felt compelled to apply. An opportunity to revisit university level mathematics and be paid at the same time was impossible to resist. I have been teaching in NSW schools for 15 years, and engaging with students at the next level up is the sort of professional development and challenge rarely available. At this moment, I am studying algebraic and calculus concepts in preparation for my role as First Year Mathematics tutor. It is refreshing and insightful to momentarily return to the role of student. However, I am looking forward to passing on my skills and knowledge from March onwards". - February 2013

2012 David Houghton

2011 Soon Ju Yun

2010 Elaine Agapiou

2009 Alex Davyskib 

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