Computational Mathematics

The group, which is internationally recognised, underpins computational modelling in every area of technology and science. Some areas of special focus include advanced methods for differential and integral equations, and algorithms for high dimensional problems.

Academic and research staff in the group make extensive use of high performance computing and advanced visualisation, in combination with modern analysis. 

Research Interests

  • High dimensional integration, quasi Monte-Carlo methods, complexity
  • Approximation and cubature on the sphere
  • Computational approaches to PDEs and boundary integral equations
  • Direct and inverse scattering
  • Adaptive methods for elliptic and parabolic problems
  • Iterative methods and preconditioners for PDEs
  • Algorithms for high performance (parallel) computers
  • Uncertainty quantification; PDE with random coefficients
  • (stochastic) Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation and control theory.

Group Members

Research Fellows


Relevant Courses

  • MATH2301 Mathematical Computing
  • MATH3101 Computational Mathematics
  • MATH3311 Mathematical Computing for Finance
  • MATH3361 Stochastic Differential Equations: Theory, Applications, and Numerical Methods
  • MATH5305 Computational Mathematics
  • MATH5335¬†Computational Methods for Finance
  • MATH5361 Stochastic Differential Equations: Theory, Applications, and Numerical Methods


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