UNSW Maths Teachers Professional Development Day


Thursday, 1 November 2018 - 8:00am to 3:00pm


Central Lecture Block, UNSW Kensington campus (map ref: E19)

The next professional development day for high school mathematics teachers will be held on Thursday 1st November 2018. It will cover a selection of new topics in the new HSC syllabuses for HSC Standard Mathematics, HSC Mathematics and HSC Mathematics Extensions 1 and 2.

The program is planned to included the following sessions (but is subject to change before the day): 

  1. Vectors and geometry (ME-V1)
  2. Vectors, lines, forces and projectile motion (ME-V1)
  3. Vectors, lines and projections (MEX-V1, ME-V1)
  4. Differential equations, direction fields and modelling (ME-C3)
  5. Networks and paths (MS-N1MS-N2)
  6. Critical path analysis (MS-N3)
  7. The max-flow/min-cut theorem (MS-N3)
  8. Discrete random variables including the binomial (MA-S2, ME-S1)
  9. Continuous random variables (MA-S2, MA-S3)
  10. Thinking Statistically (TBC)
  11. Randomised assessments
  12. The nature of proof (MEX-P1, MEX-P2)


For all details, and to sign up, please visit our Maths Teachers PD Day webpage